PT Artajasa Electronic Payment (ARTAJASA) is a pioneer in the market for electronic transactions in Indonesia, in particular network provider of infrastructure for banking.

Founded in February 10, 2000, ARTAJASA create products and services payment transactions are highly flexible applied at every level of business units, ranging from upstream activities to downstream and can be accessed globally and in real-time. Additionally, ARTAJASA ensure a level of security, integrity and high monitoring for all levels and types of transactions operated. 

As a pioneer leading provider of electronic transaction services, ARTAJASA understand the different needs of diverse partners and customers. To that end, professional staff and the best ARTAJASA ready to support your business growth, which is packaged in a variety of training and specialized consulting accompany your management team. We dedicate more than a decade of experience in the world of payment systems to move forward and work together with partners ARTAJASA. 

Vision: Become a Leading Provider of Electronic Transaction Services 

Mission: Provide Electronic Transaction Services and Integrated Efficient

Corporate Values & Cultures

Dynamic, Trustworthy, Efficient

CITA: Customer Oriented, Innovation, Teamwork, Adaptability



ARTAJASA stand with the vision and mission into a leader in the provision of electronic transaction services integrated and efficient


ARTAJASA become an institution other than the first bank to have RTGS account at Bank Indonesia. In the same year, ARTAJASA begin to manage services ATM Bersama and Online Payment for the telecommunications industry. Launch of Online Services Settlements in order to provide convenience to ATM Bersama member to process the final settlement (settlement) all transactions across the network ATM Bersama 


Service Online Payment expanded to industrial Multi-Finance.


Artajasa be the first pioneers in the world in innovation transfer service online between banks in real-time through an ATM.


ARTAJASA expanded its business to neighboring countries by signing a cooperation agreement with MEPS (Malaysia) to expand the network of user transactions ATM Bersama in Malaysia. 


ARTAJASA begin to implement service Online Settlement of Payment Gateway.


ARTAJASA became one of the initiators of the Asian Payment Network, connecting all switching companies throughout Asia. In the same year ARTAJASA BPDnet Online launched a service to the community Regional Development Bank. 


ARTAJASA be the originator and pioneer manufacturing specification standard chip debit and ATM cards, the next is applied in the banking industry. In the same year launched a new business unit E- Channel, as a service provider transaction terminals (delivery channels) for the financial industry.


Awarded Bank Indonesia's participation in the preparation of standard specifications ARTAJASA chip debit card and ATM in Indonesia. 


ARTAJASA open network of money transfer services (remittance) in Hong Kong and Malaysia in order to facilitate Indonesian labor transactions in both countries. 


ARTAJASA building the infrastructure of electronic money to expand services in the industry of payment systems. 


ARTAJASA focus on the Regulatory Compliance (compliance), and managed to get: Certification ISO27001: 2005 from Bureau Veritas for security systems in ATM Bersama.Electronic Money License (E-Money) and Remittance Services of Bank Indonesia. 


ARTAJASA Debit Card Acquiring obtain a license from Bank Indonesia, as part ARTAJASA commitment to improve service E-channel.ARTAJASA operationalize Interconnection Between Principal Funds Transfer Service ,


The head office was officially established ARTAJASA and all operational activities move to Serpong, South Tangerang. 

Artajasa Brand

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