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Why Join Us?

As one of the premier companies in Indonesia engaged in the field of electronic transaction services, Artajasa not only innovate on the technology side, but also an increase in human resources. Human resources is one of the most important pillars of the company's future viability.

Currently we have professional personnel, competent and experts in the field. They are the people who have helped build this company over a decade.

Rapid development in this industry requires the talents of professional and ready to work together to realize the target company. For that, we always open the opportunity for every individual professional, dynamic, skilled and highly motivated to join our team with an attractive compensation & benefits.

We also strive to create an increase in the competence of employees through various training programs (foreign and domestic) or workshop, as well as the mind and physical programs such as religious activities, sports, art and activities that involve the family.

So join us.

Legal Officer :

  • Minimum S1 majoring in law.
  • Having work experience of at least 3 years.
  • Understanding the laws and rules related to banking.
  • Understanding the company law.
  • Mastering the civil and criminal law.
  • Dedicated to processing legal documents.
  • Give a legal opinion on a matter of law.
  • Providing assistance in legal cases.