ATM Bersama Making Sure Their Network Security
ATM Bersama Making Sure Their Network Security
Posted February 13, 2016

Jakarta – News about hacker behind utilization of ATM  that is used for more than one bank, made the manager of ATM Bersama in Indonesia speak up.

Zul Irfan, VP Corporate Secretary of PT Artajasa Pembayar Elektronis as the manager and owner of ATM Bersama in Indonesia ensure that ATM Berasma mentioned in the report is not spesifically mention ATM Bersama as a brand that they manage.

“It is more to the use of ATM machine that can be used by other banks generally,” he said, in report received by detikINET, Saturday (2/13/2016).

Zul added, their company will continue to ensure transaction security in ATM network manage by Artajasa appropriate with existing procedure, in 70 thousand ATM terminals that connected in ATM Bersama network.

“We, from Artajasa together with the whole ATM Bersama Member constantly ensure the security of transaction in ATM Bersama network with procedure application and implementation of high security system,” he said.

Territory Channel Manager of Kaspersky Indonesia, Doni Koesmandarin said that banking is a potential sector for hacker threat. Newest data from Kaspersky explained that the hacker is using ATM network to steal money from targeted bank.

The problem came from malware called Carbanak, which is able to manipulate banking system to increase customer’s account balance for a moment.

By moment we mean that the balance will increase for speficic period of time. At that time, customer which is the hacker itself will stole money from bank through ATM. After the increased balance taken, the balance will go back to the original nominal.

The hacker usually do the transaction before midnight to dawn because at that time, banking system is doing daily transaction calculation, which is susceptible times for bank system.