ATM Bersama Transaction Increasing to 40% until Lebaran
ATM Bersama Transaction Increasing to 40% until Lebaran
Posted June 9, 2016

PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa), ATM Bersama network service provider said that along Ramadan this year, 67 thousands ATM managed by Artajasa increasing to 40% to 1,8 million transaction per day. Which means every ATM issues up to 1 trillion cash every day.

Nawawi, Director of Artajasa predicted until the Idul Fitri feast later on July 6-7 2016, total transaction served with ATM managed by the company will reach 56 million transactions.

“Significant increase to 40% from ordinary day happened because the customer will use ATM Bersama service, especially for cash out or interbank transaction service.” Nawawi said, Thursday (6/9)

He explained, normally, total transaction can reach 30-40 million times in a month. The number will keep increasing until Lebaran. The increasing trend is caused by Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR) distribution through bank for employee which usually come before Lebaran.

“THR distribution is taking an effect, usually society consumption pattern increasing rapidly to buy needs towards Lebaran,” he said.

To face the moment, Nawawi said that Artajasa will keep watching 67 thousand network and technology readiness which have connected with ATM owned by 87 banks in Indonesia. Strict security system will be prepared for customer that do transaction with big nominals.

“We are always ready with our machine capacity, and always collaborate with banks how to keep the connections network steady,” Nawawi said.